Saturday, September 12, 2009

a color scheme emerges from... the groom's suit!

G. and I went to Macy's over Labor Day, to hit the sales and check out mens' suits. I had never been suit shopping before, and my eyes glazed over the instant we got to the 6th floor. I still don't exactly understand how you pick out a suit when they all look the exact same! Nevertheless, G. found one he liked in his size straightaway!

These were our criteria:

1.) G. likes a slim cut. He is tall and has long legs, so he looks awesome in a slim cut suit. He had been looking at DKNY suits such as this one to the left, but they didn't have it in his size.

2.) We want it to be black. That part wasn't hard, other than a sea of black suits can be kind of numbing.

3.) Has to be on sale. Ordinarily, that would be so obvious for us that I needn't even be a stated rule, but G. started to get a jonesing for a certain Hugo Boss suit. In case you didn't know, Hugo Boss never goes on sale!

4.) Lastly, I really wanted a three-piece-suit for him. After spending a lot of time on the J Crew wedding site, I myself had a jones: and that was for a h-o-t slim cut three piece.

Ultimately, the DKNY suits were not in his size. He did find a lovely Tallia "orange" three-piece suit. No, it's not orange, but it does have a super-snappy gold paisley lining, which is echoed on the back of the vest.

(Sadly, my camera has died, so I had to take this terrible cell phone picture. Forgive me, but at least it shows the paisley.)

Then we went downstairs and picked ties for G., my bridesdude, and the two groomsmen. G. wanted "classic" grey ties, but I said: "boring!" and he allowed me to convince him to get yellow ties that pick up the colors in the paisley.

Now, with these suddenly coordinated groomsmen, and the surprising apperance of yellow as a unifying color, I am realizing we might have something of a color scheme after all! I am going to ask the bridesmaids to wear yellow-gold jewelry, and I may incorporate some yellow flowers into my babys breath bouquet.

It's funny how these things come about, because yellow is not a favorite color of either mine or G.'s. But I loved that he chose such a spicey look for his suit, and I really wanted to play on that with the ties. So, yellow it is?

Do your color decsions -- or any decisions -- come in a completely roundabout way?

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