Wednesday, September 2, 2009

invitation countdown & what's really important

We're getting down to the wire with our invitations. As I mentioned, we're letterpressing them ourselves. We had lots of time to do it until... we didn't! Where the hell did the summer go?

Last night, G. and I sat down and created a schedule for getting this done. We counted backwards from the day we want to send them, giving ourselves a month between the RSVP deadline and the actual wedding day. (Our RSVP deadline just do happens to be my dad's 65th birthday, as well as the day of a huge pre-wedding dinner my folks' friends are throwing!).

Our schedule includes such exciting items as "finalize invitation wording" and "sort out postage." Yes, we're in the thick of it here. I realized that the wording is not so easy as I thought it would be. I don't want just the regular stuff, but I don't want to spend the rest of my life thinking up the perfect blend of sass and romance (though I do wish I had the perfect blend of sass and romance on the tip of my tongue!).

Last night, I looked back through Weddingbee threads on RSVP card wording. I would like something a little different than accepts with pleasure and declines with regrets, so I was scouting ideas. I also was sniffing around for how to head-off any potential issues with univited "+1" guests.

I didn't solve that problem, but I do think I decided how I want the RSVP portion of the RSVP card to go:

__ Yes, please!
__ No, thank you.
__ No, thank you, but I'll send a big gift anyway!

Hopefully, I haven't made the mistake of inviting any humorless guests; I wouldn't want any remarks about my big gift joke.

Do you have any jokes incorporated into your invitations? Or anywhere in your wedding?

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